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Mrs. B's Gourmet Biscuits & Bones

Your Go-to Spot for Gourmet Pet Biscuits & Bones

Healthy Pet Treats     I    Made with Fresh Ingredients

"Fantastic treats - the level of detail is unmatched! And my pups LOVE them!"

Deanna Thompson


Healthy and Delicious Pet Treats

Mrs. B's Gourmet Biscuits & Bones is a home bakery that specializes in making healthy and delicious pet treats. Our treats are locally sourced and single-ingredient, raw and freeze dried. We have a wide variety of treats to choose from, including Bison, Chicken and Beef.



Freshly Made Biscuits for Your Furry Friends 

We also offer freshly made biscuits for your furry friends. Our biscuits are made with high-quality ingredients and are free from harmful additives. Treat your pet to a 'Gotcha Day", birthday or a treat just because by placing a custom order made exactly the way you want it.


Perfect addition to any shop

Looking for something to add to your shop that will keep your customers coming back for more? Look no further than our wholesale products. We've built relationships with stores from all over and love to be your go-to pet treat supplier!

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